C&D Inc. is dedicated to adding value to supply chain.

Xiamen C&D Inc. Stock Code: 600153

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C&D Inc. is dedicated to adding value to supply chain, pursuing resources sharing and a win-win situation through cooperation. C&D Inc. delivers “Lift" Supply-Chain Services to customers and remains firmly oriented toward client needs and proactively pursues innovation in supply chain services. With the wealth of industry experience that it has accumulated in many years of specialized operations, C&D Inc. advances the stable and efficient flow of resources, reduces business risks, enhances operating efficiency, and optimizes the modes of supply chain operations. Going forward, C&D Inc. will continue to strengthen technological and financial empowerment and enhance the value of supply chain services through the dual support of investment and logistics; this is expected to help C&D Inc. build differentiated competitive advantages and achieve steady growth in scale and profitability.

  • Steel & Iron<br>Group Steel & Iron<br>Group

    Steel & Iron

  • Pulp & Paper<br>Group Pulp & Paper<br>Group

    Pulp & Paper

  • Automobile<br>Group Automobile<br>Group


  • Agricultural Products<br>Group Agricultural Products<br>Group

    Agricultural Products

  • Food Industry Food Industry

    Food Industry

  • Consumer Goods<br>Division Consumer Goods<br>Division

    Consumer Goods

  • Mineral & Nonferrous<br>Division Mineral & Nonferrous<br>Division

    Mineral & Nonferrous

  • Energy & Chemical<br>Division Energy & Chemical<br>Division

    Energy & Chemical

  • Mechanical & Electronic<br>Division Mechanical & Electronic<br>Division

    Mechanical & Electronic

  • Integrated Business<br>Division Integrated Business<br>Division

    Integrated Business

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